Update December 6 programme.



Our company will send 5 KKG young blood fighters to fight in the same function of WBA Female 105/WBC Female 108 unify championship between 2 JAP champions Etsuko Tada and Naomi Togashi on December 6 at Nanko ATC in Osaka, Japan.

All our fighters are: 1. Kanittha Tungsongtaksin VS Shindo Go (112), 2. Amara Kokietgym VS Naoko Fujioka (104), 3. Panthip MaungUbon VS Samaba Ita (132), 4. Vimolrat Sor Por Lor Krungthep VS Kenjika Osamu (102), and 5. Kalaya Phosuwangym VS Shishita Masho (102).




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