Daungpetch retains PABA belt in Chumporn.

Duangpeths tops Pangarinbuan

Duangpeths tops Pangarinbuan

WBA#2 and PABA Super Flyweight boss Duangpetch Kokietgym retained his regional belt by a wide-margin unanimous dicision won over the Indonesian fighter Rafael Pangaribuan in Chumporn Porvince, Thailand on September 17.

Thai fighter landed many big body shots to destroy his foe in the early rounds. But after midway of this fight Pangaribuan used unfair tactics include head butting for prevent the effective attacking of Thai champ. Duangpetch was cut on the right eyebrow in last round by a head-butt. All 3 judges wrote those scorecard as 109-101, 108-101 and 109-100 all for Thai PABA champion.

Mr. Kokiet Panichyarom the promotor of this boxing programme said he is planning to send Duangpetch challenge WBA regular world title with Nubuo Nashiro, if the Japanese beats the mexican and former WBO Junior Flyweight champ  Hugo Cazares on September 30, in late this year.

The undercard fights result, WBA#2 and PABA Light Flyweight king, Wisanu Kokietgym, got a 6-round unanimous decision won over the Indonesian Alwy Alhabsy (there was Ichal Tobida in the old programme ?). Current WBO Asia-Pacific and Interim WBC Youth Super Flyweight titles holder, Petch M-150 Kokietgym, beated the Indonesian Rommy Wassar (there was Lande Olin in the old programme ?) in 6-round non-title bout. Amara Kokietgym UD Buakeaw Kietsombat. And Kalaya Posuwangym LUD BuaNgoen Kiatsombat.


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  1. Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do 🙂


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