Pangaribuan arrived BKK.

Rafael Pangaribuan arrived

Rafael Pangaribuan arrived

Indonesian Boxing Association (IBA) No. 9 in 118 lbs. divsion, Rafael Pangaribuan, and his team have been arrived in Bangkok on September 14. They moved to 13 Coins Tower Hotel Ratchada that is located in the heart of Bangkok. Pangaribuan is a scheduled to challenge PABA Super Flyweight belt with WBA#2 and PABA champ Duangpetch Kokietgym at Chumporn Province on September 17.

In the samme function, WBA#2 and PABA Light Flyweight boss, Wisanu Kokietgym will face against 108 lbs. IBA# 1 Ichal Tobida of Indonesia. Petch M-150 Kokietgym faces 118 lbs. IBA#10 Lide Olin of Indonesia.



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