Kokiet Group joines with WIBA and WBO Female.

Baurimbung Kokietgym

Baurimbung Kokietgym

After lost in WBA Female Minimumweight champioship, Yani Kokietgym will move down to 102 lbs. division that is approved by WBC Female. Therefore the best one will be chosen to challenge the WBC Female Atomweight title. And another fighter may target WIBA title.

Kanittha Tungsongtaksin is a currently WBC Asia Female Fylweight title holder. But in the same time OA Kokietgym has a scheduled to fight against with Asami Shikasho for vacant OPBF Female in October. Both fighters will challenge WBC Female or WBA Female world title as soon as possible.

And also Kokiet Group, Co., Ltd. is planning to join with WIBA and WBO Female in the near future, because there are a lot of female fighters those were supported by this promotions in the same divisions.


One response to “Kokiet Group joines with WIBA and WBO Female.

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